Our home visits avoid the unnecessary stress of a cattery
for cats who do not cope with unfamiliar surroundings
(or travelling in a car!) 
- and means peace of mind for you whilst away - 
knowing that your cat is happy in its own environment

As long-time cat carers/owners,
we are experienced in all aspects of cat care - 
including cats that are diabetic/need medication

We are exclusively responsible for your cat while you are away
- we do not employ Third Parties -
in order to guarantee a personal and secure cat sitting service

Your cat will be visited once or twice a day
- to be fed, litter tray changed etc. 
and also played with/fussed over
- at a level dictated by your cat!

Your cat will be treated as an individual
- we understand how unique each cat is

There's no place like home! 
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